Personal Injury

Under Pennsylvania tort law, an individual who is injured due to someone else’s negligence or intentionally harmful act is entitled to receive compensation. Compensation may cover expenses that range from medical or hospital bills, property damage, and lost wages to pain and suffering related to the injury.

The broad scope of subcategories that fall under personal injury include many types of liabilities, accidents, and injuries, such as the following:

Car accidents
Truck accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Boat accidents
Bus and train accidents
Brain injuries
Catastrophic injuries
Spinal cord injuries
Wrongful death
Construction site accidents
Premises liability
Product liability
Medical malpractice
Birth injuries
Nursing home neglect/abuse
Dog bites
Professional negligence
In many cases, plaintiffs in personal injury claims are challenged by in-house counsel of large corporations or insurance company legal defense teams. To level the playing field and obtain just compensation, you need a lawyer with extensive skills, along with the experience and monetary resources to litigate such cases. At Dattilo Law Offices, P.C., our firm has access to private investigators, accident reconstructionists, physicians and other expert witnesses to assist in gathering evidence, identifying sources of compensation, and providing testimony. While a vast percentage of personal injury cases can be favorably negotiated out of court, some cases must be litigated to get just compensation. In addition to being a competent negotiator, through decades of experience, James A. Dattilo in Pittsburgh has also mastered his prowess in the courtroom and is an exceptional trial lawyer.

Most individuals suffering from serious personal injury do not have the knowledge, legal skills, or money to pursue claims on their own. Insurance companies have been known to persuade people under financial stress to settle for amounts that do not adequately cover the expenses. To help you receive fair compensation, the personal injury lawyer and medical malpractice attorney of Dattilo Law Offices, P.C. offers you a free consultation to review your case. Our cases are taken on a contingency basis so you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Time limits exist for filing lawsuits. Because evidence can be lost, witnesses may disappear, and effective representation requires time and diligence, case preparation can never begin too soon. The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers and car accident attorney of Dattilo Law Offices, P.C., we encourage you to arrange a complimentary consultation at your first opportunity.

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