Statutes of Limitations

Statutes of Limitation for Filing Medical Malpractice Claims

When we go to medical professionals for treatment, we put our lives in their hands—sometimes literally. The patient-doctor relationship is built on trust. This is why the breach in the duty of care that occurs when a doctor or other medical professional does not follow accepted standards is so devastating. We go to doctors to be healed, not harmed.

Pennsylvania law recognizes that medical professionals can be held accountable when a patient suffers injury because they were negligent or did not adhere to accepted standards of care. The courts also understand that not every patient will have a positive outcome. Because they involve questions of medical practice and science, as well as complicated legal statutes and definitions, medical malpractice cases are seldom simple. Therefore, it is important to find a medical malpractice attorney in Pittsburgh with a solid record of representing this type of case.

Rules for filing malpractice claims in Pittsburgh

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitation on medical malpractice claims is two years following the incident that caused the injury. This may seem like a long window of opportunity, but make sure you do not jeopardize your case by procrastinating. Contact a reputable Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible after your injury so there is adequate time to discuss your case, plan a strategy, and begin the procedures for filing.

A knowledgeable malpractice lawyer can also help you file successfully if your injury became apparent after the two-year statute of limitation lapsed. For example, in cases where a doctor failed to diagnose a serious condition or disease, the disease may manifest several years later, but you may be able to make a claim under the discovery rule. The Pittsburgh law firm of Dattilo Law Offices, P.C., can walk you through the process of making a medical malpractice claim, and will offer their full support and advice at every step.

Get skilled medical malpractice representation in Pittsburgh

Recovering from a medical malpractice injury can be overwhelming. Make sure you have a trustworthy attorney who can protect your legal rights and build a strong case for your compensation claim. At Dattilo Law Offices, P.C., we understand the complexities of malpractice law and utilize our experience, legal skills, and sense of justice to get fair outcomes for our injured clients. Medical malpractice claims must be brought in a timely fashion, so do not wait to make an appointment with us. Call today at 412-391-6300 orcontact us online!